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I Didn't Get Punk'd, I got Joo'd

21 June
50 cent, a clockwork orange, a flock of seagulls, about a boy, addiction, adult swim, against me!, air, alkaline trio, american analog set, american history x, apple juice, at the drive in, beck, being kissed, biting, black eye liner, black eyeliner, blur, boy sets fire, brand new, brandon boyd, bright eyes, britney spears, broken social scene, bumpin' uglies, cake-the food & band, casual amish sex, cigarettes, coheed and cambria, coke and sluts, colouring, conan o'brien, conor oberst, cuddling, cursive, dancehall crashers, dancing, dandy warhols, death cab for cutie, debate, desaparecidos, dora the explora pinatas, drop dead gorgeous, drummers, eddie izzard, edward norton, edward penis hands, edward scissorhands, elliott smith, emo, fannypack, fight club, get-up kids, glassjaw, goldfish, gravy train!!!!, greenville, haircuteconomics, happiness, hella, hella rip offs, hipsters, hormones, hot hot heat, hugs, internet slut sex, interpol, irmo, jew nose bumps, john malkovich, justin timberlake, keyboards, kicking emo kid ass, lemon yellow skies, lip gloss, little people, local bands, long hair, lovin' emery, mac, mark bentley, mauldin, mavericks, meat and potatoes, mi amor, michael jackson, mixed tapes, modest mouse, morissey, my chemical romance, my cousin ida, nathan gust, new york city, noah wyle, nose fucking, oatmeal, outkast, poison the well, porn, psuedo man boobs, q and not u, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, red lion inn, red shoes, rem, rockin' the cashbah, salt lake city, seattle, sex pistols, sexified hills, shits & giggles, shot glasses, sign language, slc, slurpees, sluuushies, speech and debate, strangers with candy, suicide circle, the anniversary, the breakfast club, the crunk crew, the faint, the foo fighters, the gloria record, the libertines, the male body, the oc, the postal service, the rat pack, the reunion show, the sky bar, the smiths, the virgin suicides, theodore brevard hayne v, theodore brevard hayne xxvi, thrice, thursday, uma thurman, vince vaughn, waffling, wit-ikee, writing, yo tengo dos madres, ,